Westside Food Review - May 2009

1st May 2009

Perfect Sense


Diners travel from far and wide to sample this Derbyshire delight, so was Paul Cocker’s journey worth the trip?


Journeying out into Derbyshire is always a pleasure. The scenery is just breathtaking and I always feel more alive, with the wind blowing through what’s left of my hair and the sense of being closer to nature.

For those reasons alone I was looking forward to dinner at The Maynard. The century-old hotel and restaurant is on one of the most idyllic of locations, nestling just above Grindleford. I could see why so many people choose this location as a wedding venue, and with the recent addition of a civil license, it made perfect sense.

My fellow diner for the evening had travelled all the way from Peterborough on the promise of a satisfying meal and was certainly enthusiastic over our venue.

The Maynard is an impressive mixture of old and new, harmonised in such a way as to make perfect sense.

We were welcomed by our genial host for the evening, Patrick, with a selection of delicious snacks while we explored the menu.

My guest opted for a starter of confit duck with hash cake and pickled plums, rich yet refreshing. My choice of baked mackerel with horseradish tzatziki was simply delicious. If starters were an indication of the night to come then my friends long trek would certainly be worthwhile.

Patrick then presented us with a little amuse bouche, a white onion and tarragon soup the chef was trialling, it was rich, creamy with the sharp, sweet tang of onions – it was very tasty.

Always one to indulge I was delighted that my main course of soy glazed duck breast and caramelised pineapple was substantial and satisfying – the duck was succulent, tangy and cooked absolutely perfectly.

I must admit to suffering a touch of food envy when I eyed my guest’s meal of braised belly pork sausage with carrot and swede puree accompanied by creamed potatoes.

My guest enthused over the moist and meaty belly pork, quite boldly stating it was one of the best meals he had ever had – his comments, which I now saw as his taunts, were not alleviating my food envy at all.

For desert we both opted for a refreshing green tea and cardamom crème brulee with a mango and chilli salsa – a scintillation close to the evenings events.


Westside verdict: Great food in a great location make a trip to The Maynard well worth it.






Confit of Duck with Hash Cake and Pickled Plums, £6

Baked Mackerel with Horseradish tzatziki on a bed of rocket, £6



Sun Glazed Duck Breast with caramelised Pineapple and Asian Salad, £17

Braised Belly Pork Sausage with Carrot and Swede Puree and Creamed Potatoes, £15



Green Tea and Cardamom Crème Brulee with a mango and chilli salsa, £6



Espresso Coffee, £2.25


The Maynard

Main Road 



S32 2HE

Tel: 01433 630321

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