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1st March 2009

Carly Montisci is Wedding Planner for The Maynard, one of the region’s most popular wedding venues set in private grounds overlooking the Derwent Valley in Grindleford, just a few miles outside Sheffield.

Top 10 Questions



Top Book  

I like reading. Sushi for Beginners is my top book, a novel by Marian Keyes who is one of my favourite authors.  


Top Movie  

Come on girls.....Sex and the City, what else! 


Top TV Show  

Gavin and Stacey, totally hilarious. 


Top Play  

Swan Lake is my favourite ballet and just about the only thing I have had time to see. Hence, I haven’t seen any plays yet, but would like to in the future if time permits.


Top Sport  

As it would be rude to leave this space blank, let's just say there are far better things for a girl to do in her spare time than 'Sport'. If I had to nominate any sport, it would be footy, because my other half loves it. 


Top Holiday Destination  

From the point of view of the best holiday memories, it would have to be Egypt. After a very busy year planning lots of weddings, it was exactly the relaxing break I needed. My dream destination for the future would be Dubai - white sands, crystal blue sea and a 7 star hotel, perfect. 


Top Meal  

Full English breakfast at the Maynard......or their rib-eye steak - to die for. When I'm out with friends in town, I'll always head for an's in the blood and I love the simplicity and taste of Italian cooking.   


Top Person  

My 4 year old son Joshua. 


Top Memory  

The arrival of my top person (see above). 


Top Music  

I enjoy all types of different music. On my iPod at the moment is James Morrison, Snow Patrol, The Script, and a bit of R&B – Kanye West and Neyo.



....and the thing you hate most

I hate things to be unorganised. Being a Virgo and because of my profession, everything has to be planned to the nth degree, otherwise I just can't function. Whilst friends and family occasionally accuse me of being like Monica from Friends, wedding clients seem to like it.


Media Contact: BeyondPR. Tel: 0114 275 6996. Mob: 07930 697773. 

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